Decking Adelaide

How to Build a Deck

Before we touch on the decking types/species that are available and what Aztec Landscapes recommends it makes sense to briefly cover exactly what is required to build a deck for the uninitiated.

Decking depth
Aztec Landscapes recommends a minimum depth for decks to be 350mm.  This is to accommodate bearer depth. A 240mm/joist 90mm/decking timbers and 22mm ensure excavation is to this depth.
I also recommend rubble base compacted to stop any weed format growing underneath.
Decking Posts
Most timber decks are supported by strategically placed 90x90mm posts. These are bolted to post shoes or stirrups above the ground. This separation from the ground ensures that the posts won’t decay and destabilise the deck.
Decking bearers run parallel to each other along the deck. These bearers are usually the largest timbers in the decking construction. Aztec Landscapes uses 240mm x 45mm thick decking bearers to stabilise and underpin the structure. Have you ever walked on a deck that bounces, usually due to thinner bearers.
Deck Joists then run across the bearers and sit normally at right angles to the bearers.
Decking Boards
Finally the decking boards are fixed to the top of the joists and run across the joists and in the same direction as the bearers. Note Aztec landscapes only drill and use stainless steel screws for fixing – we do not nail!

About Decking

Decking Finish
Finally 2 coats of Aztec Landscapes decking oil is recommended using a woollen roller. Re-coating is recommended every 6 months to maintain the new look and protect the hardwood decking boards.
Decking Engineering
Note the calculation of the sizes of bearers and joists is a complicated process involving engineering and many variables.
This simple decking structure can be modified in many ways to create elaborate decks that are suspended from the side of a home; have multiple levels or unusual shapes.

Decking Timbers for Adelaide

Timbers for Decking

The primary variable, aside from size and shape of decks, is the type of decking board that you use.
Decking comes in many different species, both pine and other hardwood decking species, offering variable strength, size and flexibility, as well as colour, grain and density. With these variables come different prices and performance. Aztec Landscapes provide a large range of decking options to ensure that we can provide you with what you want in a deck at a price that suits your budget. Below is a brief description of the varieties of decking we specialise in, as well as some information about each.

Merbau for timber decking

Merbau is an imported hardwood decking variety, originating from Indonesia. It is also a decking board with a reeded top surface. Merbau is available in 90mm wide boards as well as 140mm wide.
Merbau is an extremely good performing decking board. It has a with a density rating of 850, a toughness rating of m and a durability class of 2. Merbau is a deep red brown colour, and is subject to some initial tannin bleed when first unpacked.
Merbau is the recommended decking board used by Aztec Landscapes.
Kapur timber decking
Kapur is also an imported hardwood decking board originating from Indonesia.
It is a decking board with all four corners slightly pencil rounded. Usually a light reddish brown colour which is a little pale. Kapur is a great valued decking board that performs well and has a good grain and colour.

Spotted Gum Timber Decking

Spotted gum is a selectively forested Australian hardwood grown in NSW and Queensland and a popular choice for Australian timber decking.
Spotted gum is also very hard wearing with a density rating of 1100, a toughness rating of hardness and a durability class of 2.
Spotted gum boards are brown, and can range from a light colour to dark. They have a distinctive wavy pattern in the grain of timber.
River Red for Timber Decking
River Red are yet another variety of Australian hardwood eucalypt. Selectively logged from WA, NSW and Queensland river red are produced as a dark decking board.
River Reds have a density rating of 900, a toughness rating of l and are durability class 2. River Red Decking boards have a great range of deep to light red and brown shades and provide great contrast and variability in a deck.