Landscaping in Adelaide

Landscape construction in the leafy suburb of Norwood can be challenging. Fortunately Tony and his landscaping team have years of experience in creating a tasteful yet functional garden landscape for your Norwood home.

Contact Tony on 0408 081 095 or through our online enquiry form and he will arrange a meeting to discuss your landscaping ideas.
If you aren’t certain about some landscape aspect, Tony can certainly provide some great ideas. 30 years in the landscape industry means we know what we are doing!
Just have a look at some of the amazing landscapes Aztec Landscapes have created in recent years. Many of the featured landscapes are located in Norwood and adjacent suburbs.
If a tastefully designed garden landscape is what you are looking for, then Aztec Landscapes are your team.
Our designs are stunning; our fees reasonable and our team are professionals.

Tips for Landscaping in Adelaide

Here is a collection of 10 useful landscaping tips to help make your landscaping project a success.

1. Planning for Landscaping 

Make a list of needs and wants. Research and list the important features you want to include in your landscaping project. Tour some of the gardens in Adelaide to gather ideas. Make notes, even take photos of garden features that appeal to you – ask for permission though!
Do some rough sketches of the area you want to landscape. Think about structures and plants that suit your needs.
2. Study the Sun and Wind 
Carefully observe the sun and wind patterns in your area. Even across Norwood and adjacent suburbs, wind direction can vary. Some plants need a measured amount of sun to grow well. Wind can also impact a plant success.
Of course, the wind and sun also impact your living in your outdoor space. dont forget about how your family might also use the space. A great landscape design provides a friendly and attractive environment for both plants and people.
Sun and wind determines the optimal placement of landscape objects such patios, screens and other structures in your garden. It also determines where certain plant species should be placed to encourage them to flourish in your beautifully landscaped area.
3. Landscaping Budget 
A pre-determined budget helps both the designer and consultant with plant and structural selections. Be realistic about your budget.
4. Start Small 
Part of creating a fabulous landscaped garden is to develop a plan and enjoy the process.

5. Work around a focal point

That may be a sculpture or a stunning plant/tree or an existing structure. The aim is to draw your eye and move it through the landscape.
6. Focus on scale and pacing
Try adding an occasional element that’s different from the existing landscape and will stand out.
7. Ideas for Patios and Decking 
Often a critical component of achieving an effective design is maximising the amount of space available. View our decking gallery for inspiration!
8. Poolscapes
Swimming pools and spas are common components of backyard landscaping and are especially popular with those who like to utilise their space for entertaining.
9. Be Open to change
Be honest about what you like and what may fall out of favour.
10. Selecting a Landscape Company
Always check the Builders Licence via Consumer and Business Affairs website. Ask for a copy of a current display list of jobs completed before commencing.
Local landscapers are generally more familiar with the local conditions, and trends.
If you have any landscaping questions contact Aztec Landscapes by calling Tony on 0408 081 095 or using our online enquiry form.
We’ll provide you with our suggestions on how you could create a fabulous landscaped area, at a cost that will pleasantly surprise you.