Complete paving services in Adelaide

Whether you’re looking to add value to your property or simply wish to create an outdoor space that’s practical for your staff and customers, Aztec Landscapes can help. We’ve helped hundreds of clients to enjoy their gardens to the full by providing professional paving services and high-quality solutions.

From functional driveways to paved pool surrounds that will last for many years to come, we take the utmost care in designing, planning and constructing your new paved areas in Adelaide.


It’s only natural for you to want the paving at your homes and businesses to look fantastic, and at Aztec Landscapes, construction is a big part of what we do. Not only can we ensure you get the exact paving designs that you want, but we can also complete your project at a price suitable for your budget.

Our hassle-free paving services are tailored to your residential needs, and you’ll be delighted to learn that we’ll manage your project from beginning to end.

However big or challenging a paving project may seem, Aztec Landscapes has the experience and skills to handle it.


Finding the right paving installer is essential when you are trying to ensure the success of your project in Adelaide. Aztec Landscapes has built a reputation for excellence for delivering first-class paving services and workmanship to achieve the desired result. We can design and install:

  • Paved pool surrounds
  • Backyard paving solutions
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Garden pathways

We also offer a free on-site consultation and quote, and if you’re looking for examples of our high-quality paving work in Adelaide, feel free to browse through our gallery.

Paving Tips and Procedures

Preparation and planning are vital steps in order to produce a long-lasting, professional paving job.
Here are our tips for planning your next paving project.

Excavation of footpaths and patios

Different soil types and applications require different base thicknesses and types. As a general rule a depth of 50mm is a minimum depth for walkways. To ascertain the depth of excavation a simple formula is used. Firstly add the thickness of the base and the bedding sand together. Add to this the required distance below damp course and this is the depth you will need to excavate down from the top of the footings. For example:
Required base rubble 75mm
Paving thickness 40mm
Bedding sand 30mm
Dampcourse clearance 75mm
Total excavation depth 220mm

Underground services

Aztec Landscapes Terms and Conditions clearly places the onus on the client to notify of any underground services that may be in danger during excavation. It is a good idea to take note of which way water meters are facing and where the water pipe would run and follow storm water pipes to their outlet. 
Also take note of where Telstra pits are located. In older homes, services are often much closer to the surface. Always use licensed operators and ask to see their insurance details the first time you hire them.
 A broken domestic Telstra cable will cost you upwards of $500.00 and a major optic cable much more. If you have any doubts call the Dial before you Dig number.

Concrete pavers

Most concrete pavers from major manufacturers are reasonably consistent in dimension however square pavers do vary slightly. It is good practice to lay these types of pavers with the grain running one way.
To find the grain look at the paver and you will notice it has a rough and smooth bevel. The grain runs between the rough bevels. Concrete pavers can be laid butt jointed in any pattern their shape will allow. Thicknesses are usually 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 80mm.
 It is recommended to use 40mm for walkways and 50mm/80mm for driveways for cars and light trucks.

Large format pavers

Large format pavers eg 400mm x 400mm or 500mm x 500mm are heavy but are quick to lay however, they must be laid with a 3-4mm gap to achieve sufficient lock up. This can be achieved without spacers by carefully laying the pavers with small gaps then straightening and spacing later.
Note large format pavers are not recommended for driveways.

Paving a Driveway

Again various soil types and applications require different thicknesses and types of bases. However, Aztec Landscapes provides a minimum base thickness of 150mm for driveways. It is important to use the services of a licensed bobcat operator experienced in this type of work. A site supervisor is also recommended. 
 The formula applied to driveways is:
Driveway calculation Base rubble thickness 200mm
Paving thickness 50mm
Bedding sand 30mm
Total excavation depth 280mm

Preparing to lay pavers

Pavers can be split into three different categories – concrete, clay and large format pavers and they all require a different laying technique.
It is important that you lay different types of pavers in the correct manner. This will assist in keeping lines relatively straight and ensure the longevity and quality of the finished product.

Clay Pavers

Due to manufacturing process clay pavers can vary in dimension. Two single pavers off the same pallet could vary in size by up to 5mm. This makes laying much more difficult. Clay pavers should always be laid loosely off as many different pallets as possible.  This will assist in colour mixing.
Whilst clay pavers can be laid in any pattern their shape permits, it is wise to avoid 45 degree patterns where possible, as cutting is time consuming and can be costly.

Patterns in pavers

Laying patterns are not only a personal or aesthetic choice, some patterns have definite benefits and it is important the correct pattern is selected for certain applications.
For example herringbone is the preferred pattern for driveway areas where the vehicles turn or skew regularly. Clients should always be advised on the correct pattern for their project as the pattern they choose may not necessarily be suitable for the job.
Some examples of our most popular patterns are below: