Pergola Types

The typical pergolas built in Adelaide are:

  • gable pergola
  • flat pergola
  • dutch gable pergola
  • gazebo
  • custom designed pergola
  • attached to house
  • freestanding pergola

Pergolas Adelaide

Timber Pergolas
The Aztec Landscapes professionals will design a timber pergola, decking or screens that make optimal use of your available space in keeping with the your homes design

Your pergola will be your new entertainment or covered area which will provide the best of both the summer shade and winter sun for your enjoyment.
Building a pergola with timber lets you be more flexible with the design so you can create the exact look you are after.
Pergola Features
Aztec Landscapes offer a wide variety of roofing materials to suit each pergola design we offer, and we always use the best available quality materials.
Gable Pergola
Gable roof pergolas offer a light and cool environment as they have a higher roof with open ends to allow for airflow. On a gable pergola the rafters are cut at angles and meet in the middle of the structure at a ridge. Gable pergolas can mirror your existing roof line (pitch) of your home and blend in with its architectural style.
You can also amend the end types on a gable pergola to give it hip and bay ends to further customise its design. Gable pergolas can be lined with timber or materials that emulate ceilings. The pergola can also have decorative additions to them such as false gables and dutch gables. These allow for more space under the pergola roof and give a different appearance to the roof line outside of the structure.
Flat Roof Pergola
The Aztec Landscapes flat roof pergola is a stylish and attractive addition to any home. whether it is attached or freestanding. This pergola is engineered for strength. The flat roof pergola/verandah is extremely flexible in its design allowing various roofing and guttering profiles to be used.
A flat pergola using standard roofing sheets is recommended to have a 5 degree pitch at a minimum so water can remove itself from the top of the structure.
Pergola Roofing
Primarily, pergolas are covered with either colorbond roofing or polycarbonate roofing which either mirrors the style of your home or allows good light transmission into the pergola. You also have the option of adding a ceiling manufactured out of many different materials.
These finishes allow you to add things such as fans, heaters and lighting to make the most of your pergola in all conditions.
Pergola Timber
Treated permapine is treated to h3 level for outside, above ground use, and the prevention of attacks of fungi and insects, including termites.
Pergola Posts
Pergola posts are available as 90x90mm or 120×120 mm posts. Aztec Landscapes can also supply chamfered and fluted posts. These posts are treated to h4 level for outside, in-ground use and the prevention of attacks of fungi and insects including termites.
Light Organic Solvent Preservative (LOSP) Timber
LOSP is a form of treatment that offers resistance to weathering and termites  using a lower impact preservative. We also supply and install primed LOSP finger jointed timber including facia, primed posts and primed handrails.
Other Pergola timbers available
Cypress Pine and hardwood Western Red Cedar
Timber Gates
Aztec Landscapes has a range of timber gates for front paths, driveways and side entrances.
Our range starts with standard treated pine / hardwood picket gates.
These gates have a standard ‘z’ frame or metal frame with welded hinges attached.